EMI Option


  • Pay fee in easy installments of INR 13,333 p.m. with 0% interest

  • Instant online approval in seconds

  • No Credit Cards/ CIBIL score required

  • Easy & Secure online process using Aadhaar and PAN number

  • Anyone with a Salary Account with Netbanking can apply


How to Apply for EMI Option

The facility to pay fee through EMIs is currently available to Indian Nationals only.

To apply for EMI option, applicants need to have:

  • Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and a mobile number linked to the Aadhaar Card
  • Salary Account with a bank, along with Netbanking access


The EMI option can be used to submit the Remainder amount (INR 2,00,000) of the programme fee. The Block Amount of INR 25,000 must be submitted by the applicant using their own funds.


Please follow the steps below to apply of EMI option:
  1. Submit completed application to the PGP-IoT programme (For application instructions and programme fee structure, please refer to the programme brochure or the programme page on the website).

  2. On receipt of the Provisional Admission Offer Letter, submit the block amount of INR 25,000 and the supporting documents.

  3. Upon receipt of the Final Admission Offer Letter, you will be provided with 2 payment options: 'Pay on your own', OR 'Pay using EMI option with 0% interest'

  4. If you choose 'Pay using EMI option with 0% interest', the system will connect you to 'Zest Money' platform who have partnered with BITS Pilani to offer EMI facility to applicants at very special interest rates and instant approval process.

  5. The platform will prompt you to enter your Aadhaar Card Number. You will then be redirected to the official Aadhaar website for OTP verification.

  6. Upon OTP verification, you will be prompted to enter your PAN number and confirm your Permanent and Current address.

  7. Next, you will be asked to provide name of your Employer, monthly income and estimated monthly expenses.

  8. You will then be asked to provide name of bank which has your Salary Account.

  9. The system will then auto-redirect you to your bank’s Netbanking login page, and prompt you to login to your Salary Account and enter the IFSC code. This will trigger an automated background verification process, which generally takes only a few seconds to complete and give the approval status.

  10. If approved, the system will then ask your permission to deduct EMIs from your salary account.


EMI Payment Plan for the Remainder Programme Fee
  1. On approval of the EMI facility, applicants need to deposit 20% of the Remainder amount as down payment.

  2. 12 EMIs will be payable on a monthly basis. An amount of INR 15,749 will be deducted from the bank account for this purpose, and an amount of INR 2,416 will be refunded to the same account as Cashback within 5-7 working days. The effective EMI, therefore, will be INR 13,333 p.m.

  Month 0 Month 1 – Month 12 Total
Down Payment INR 40,000 -  
Instalment - INR 15,749  
(-) Cashback   (-)INR 2,416  
Effective EMI   INR 13,333  
Total INR 40,000 INR 13,333 INR 40,000 + (INR 13,333 x 12) = INR 2,00,000

* For detailed programme fee structure, please refer to the Programme brochure, or the program page on the website.


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