Feb 26, 2024

New PG Diploma Programmes by BITS Pilani WILP to Help Transform Automotive Landscape in India

Hyderabad, India — February 20, 2024: The Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP) division of Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani has launched new programmes that have been designed to address the rapidly evolving automotive landscape in India. This is the first time that a globally acclaimed Indian institute has launched three new PG Diploma programmes that aim to empower engineers in automotive domain’s exclusive areas — electric vehicles, smart mobility, and automotive cybersecurity systems.

These programmes, which can be pursued without any career break, have been designed and developed by BITS Pilani WILP in collaboration with major automotive companies. Besides work-focused experiences forming an active part of the curriculum of these programmes, the pedagogy also enables the apt integration of theory with relevant practice, which is especially crucial in the automotive industry. The last date for applications for admissions in these programmes is March 18, 2024.

Post Graduate Diploma programme in Smart Mobility

The objective of this programme is to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of smart mobility concepts, technologies, and policies — thereby fostering innovation, sustainable practices, and data driven decision-making for future leaders in the field of urban transportation. The learners can acquire the ability to process extensive sensor data, including LiDAR, Camera, Ultrasonic sensor, and RADAR, in order to interpret dynamic scenarios, recognize potential hazards, and make informed decisions to respond effectively. To learn more about this programme, please visit:


Post Graduate Diploma programme in Electric Vehicles

This two-semester programme has been designed for engineers who are aspiring for career progression in the high-growth areas of electric vehicles, such as design, energy management techniques for vehicles, and EV regulations. The programme will not only help learners analyse and implement supporting technologies in power electronics and energy storage systems, but also aid them in developing future electric vehicles as per the industry standards, as they learn more about motor control, battery management systems, and hardware-in-the-loop implementations of electric vehicles. To explore more about this programme, please visit:


Post Graduate Diploma programme in Automotive Cybersecurity

The long lifespan of an automobile exposing itself to hackers, the consequences of a cybersecurity breach, the complexity of the cyber-physical systems and the real-time response requirements do limit the adoption of traditional cybersecurity methods in the context of automotive industry. Rather, it requires unique knowledge and skills to address the challenges of automotive cybersecurity, which is what this programme aims to offer. This programme has been designed to develop an overall understanding of the aspects of cyber security systems covering threat modelling, risk assessment, security controls, forensics, compliance, audits, and vehicle and system security. To learn more about this programme, please visit:


Elaborating further about the value proposition of these PG diploma programmes, Prof. Paramesw Chidamparam, who heads the core engineering group of the WILP division at BITS Pilani, says, "Smart mobility is a transformative force with far-reaching benefits and encompasses a range of advanced technologies. However, from an upskilling standpoint, the automotive industry needs exclusive focus on automotive cybersecurity and electric vehicle technologies as complementing broad areas as well. Besides equipping engineers with conceptual knowledge in the respective areas, the three new post-graduate diploma programmes also offer opportunities for experiencing real-world scenarios through remote and virtual labs. The key objective is to enable engineers in designing, evaluating and implementing smart mobility solutions, which is critical to succeeding in this rapidly evolving discipline."