online lecture: 

Lectures by expert faculties are delivered through engaging virtual platforms that offer interactive learning experience like a physical classroom.

Classes for students admitted during the period May-June 2019 will begin in July 2019. The class schedule is announced within 1 week of completion of the admission process.

The online lectures are conducted usually over weekends for a total of 7-8 hours per week. If you miss a lecture, you can also access the recorded lecture on the internet.

Digital Learning: 


Learners gain access to various digital learning contents such as lecture videos, student notes, curated contents etc., through a learning management platform that is engaging and mobile-friendly.

Continuous Assessment: 


The learners’ performance is assessed continuously throughout the semester using various tools such as quiz, assignments, mid-semester and comprehensive exams. The assessment results are shared with the learners to improve their performance.

Experiential Learning: 


The programme emphasises on Experiential Learning that allows learners to apply concepts learnt in classroom in simulated and real work situations.
Online Labs & Simulations

  • Learners perform a variety of experiments using industry scale simulation software in a virtual lab.

  • Controlled experiments are performed in Remote Labs, accessing physical lab equipment using remote control systems.

  • Real-life scenarios are replicated using simulation games and video-cases, where learners experience implications of applying concepts in practice.

Case Studies and Assignments: Carefully chosen real-world cases & assignments are both discussed and used as problem-solving exercises during the programme


Work Integrated Learning Exercise Participants are encouraged to apply the classroom learning in their workplace to gain practical insights.During the final semester participants carryout a semester-long intensive project work applying the various concepts learnt throughout the program guided by the organisation mentor and supervisor. Participants are provided access to virtual labs and faculty expertise to support the project work.